When Push Comes to Shove

When Push Comes to Shove

Do you consider yourself a high-performer?

How do you show up for your job or business?

When do you feel you need a push versus a shove?

Below are 4 steps that may help you determine to PUSH or SHOVE.

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Let me give you some examples first to provide a deeper understanding for you.

I am very critical of myself so it’s hard for me to say I’m a high-performer.

My above average, consistent efforts have assisted me in advancing my career and my business…

…but above average is not enough.

Look at the top names in business today…

Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, etc.

Do you think Bezos & Musk are above average?

No! They are true, high-performers that consistently PUSH their companies to new levels!

I’m not saying you need to be a Bezos or a Musk.

I’m asking you to contemplate what business…

…or life…

…would be like for you if you PUSH yourself more?

If you own a business, where can you PUSH more?

-Customer service? 
-Fiscal responsibility
-Employee satisfaction?

If you have a job, where can you PUSH more?

-Showing up early? 
-Not taking as many breaks? 
-Staying more focused?
-Beating deadlines?

Sometimes I find it difficult to PUSH even when I know I need to.

Other times I need a SHOVE, or maybe a wake-up call.

Whichever it is, here are the steps I use to determine when to PUSH.

1. Decide how important this is to you — are you happy being average?

2. Understanding what you want — what do you want to accomplish?

3. Analyzing the steps to getting what you want — what will it take of you to achieve this?

4. How much additional effort will this require? — do I need to PUSH or do I need a SHOVE?

Some are happy being average and that’s ok as long as you’re truly happy.

Some want more in life but don’t understand how to change things.

“If you want things to change, YOU need to change.” —Jim Rohn

How will you show up for your job or business this week?

Where can you PUSH or where do you need a SHOVE?

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