The Sound (and Power) of Silence

The Sound (and Power) of Silence

Have you ever taken a moment in your day…

…at work

…at home

…at Starbucks

…to take a moment and just listen to all the sounds?

For focus, it helps to close your eyes but it’s not necessary.

What do you hear?

Really focus and you can tune in to the noise that surrounds us daily.

I’ve been meditating regularly this year, just a few minutes a day.

I have really learned to tune in to the noise (and of course to tune out).

I am amazed at the amount of noise we are constantly exposed to.

So this weekend, I made it a point to go to my favorite place in Tucson.

I drove up the mountain to windy point, a popular stop for tourists and photographers.

Yes, it’s full of “people noise” with its popularity.

But I hike beyond the boulders to a lesser known area

below the people and the noise

to sit in silence with nature and reset myself.

Silence is powerful, freeing and inspiring. 

It can help you power up your life…

…power up your job or business.

You may not have a mountain like me but it’s worth it to find your own quiet place.

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