OVERWHELM!!! Do you feel it?

OVERWHELM!!! Do you feel it?

I’ve felt it a lot. Moms feel it daily. Managers feel it day and night. 

In talking with both clients and other small business fitness owners, a common theme I am seeing is “Overwhelm”!

Running a new business is NOT EASY!

If you hear someone say that, delete them as a friend and never buy anything from them 

(dishonest people suck, just sayin)

Dealing with business needs such as building and equipment, employees, customers (current and new ones), budgets, bills, …and so much more. 

So what do you do to save your sanity?

While this can vary slightly by situation, there are some common things you can do. 

✅ Breathe and Believe – remember your why

✅ Process process process – document how you handle each situation into a process and next time it’ll be easier

✅ Journal and plan – this really does bring clarity to every day

✅ …comment “give me more” and I’ll message you the rest of the steps..

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