Diving off the Deep End

Diving off the Deep End

Do you remember the first time you jumped off the diving board?

Were you scared?

Were you afraid you might get hurt or not come back up to the top?

Did you ever jump?

I assume many have at least tried this in their lifetime.

Even though that FEAR was so strong, you made a decision and went with it.

We learned such a critical business skill at an early age but didn’t realize it…

…overcoming FEARs and making decisions.

I realized that my FEAR was holding me back in my career almost 10 years ago.


I knew I wanted more, deserved more and could do/be more… 

…but I was afraid to leave my hometown, my job…my life I created.

I finally set my mind on it and my life has consistently improved ever since.

See… once you know the power of CHANGE, you begin to see more opportunities for it.

You take calculated chances and risks and then learn and grow.

I am where I am today because I made that choice 10 years ago…

…to dive off the deep end of my fear

…to sink or swim and hope for the best

Just like the choice to jump off the diving board.

So be honest with yourself… What FEAR is holding you back?

What would your life be like if you decided to ignore that FEAR and jump?

At a minimum, take a moment and self reflect honestly. 

But if you’re comfortable, share in the comments below.

Sometimes just saying it out loud helps you beat that FEAR!

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